My work is all about energy. I’m interested in understanding who you are, what drives you in your work, and promoting your passion with the world. My process is editorial and all-encompassing. I use sculpting light to flatter, offer styling assistance to help you look your best on the day of your session, and provide expertise direction once you're in front of my lens. The end result is relevant, engaging imagery that captures you candidly and presents you with your best foot forward.  


1- STYLE. I want you to look your best the day of your session which is why I partner with carefully selected, professional stylists to assist with hair, makeup and wardrobe. When you look great, you feel great, and that translates directly into the final image.

2- LIGHTING. I harness the most beautiful, flattering light in the industry, allowing your inner light to shine through the lens.

3- DIRECTION. Whether it's you or your team of 30, I personally coach and direct you throughout your session, breaking through the discomfort that can come with stepping in front of a camera.

SESSIONS  — 6% Wyoming sales tax applied to all services.

In today’s digital world, it's never been more important to have a dynamic, online profile that breathes life into your brand and business. My personalized approach captures you candidly, delivering a professional headshot or look-book that is real, engaging and relevant.   

Individuals- $1,500; includes x3 retouched images that you may use for most print and web applications.* We shoot for approx. 90-minutes in my Jackson, Wyoming studio. During that timeframe, you are able to change outfits a few times, giving you a diverse, dynamic collection of images to choose from after your shoot. I recommend adding makeup for women or on-site styling assistance for men- see "Styling Info" below for pricing information.

Companies & More- I offer a reduced rate for companies with 2+ employees. Please contact the studio for details.

Portfolio Session- designed for professionals who need multiple looks and set-ups to promote themselves and brand. Please contact the studio to discuss your project.

*Usage rates apply for certain projects with greater exposure, such as book covers, billboards, political campaigns, commercials, album covers and more.


  • MAKEUP- $150/women. Makeup worn for a shoot can vary greatly from what you are used to wearing everyday, which is why it's important to have a professional there for you. My makeup artists build a very natural look [no glamour makeup] that creates a luminous effect on your skin tones.  

  • STYLING- $75/men. Includes touch-ups to hair, skin and wardrobe.

  • HAIR- I recommend booking an appointment with your preferred hair stylist 1-hour before your session for a blow-out [women] or grooming [men]. My makeup artist will provide light touch-ups to your hair during your session.



  • $45/image. For quality control purposes, the images you select must first go through my post-production treatment process before they're released for publication. Retouching & post-production treatment includes: color correction for print or web display, smoothing skin tones and removing blemishes, adjusting brightness & contrast, fixing fly away hairs and wardrobe imperfections.

NOTE:  The rates above allow you to use your image for the following types of usage:  website bios, social media profiles, business cards, pamphlets, and as the secondary image/footer of an advertisement. Special usage rates apply for images being used in a direct ad-campaign [as the leading image in an advertisement], billboard, commercial, or other direct ad-campaign uses. Please contact the studio if your project is outside of my normal usage agreements, and I’ll quote you for the usage.


LOCATION Rates above reflect sessions shot in the JH studio. For a $250 location fee, I travel to any location in the JH area that better suits your needs or the overall concept of your portfolio. Rental rates for particular locations or equipment rental rates are not included and will be applied, if necessary.  


PAYMENT & SCHEDULING- I require a 50% deposit of the total shoot rate to hold your session. If you need to reschedule for any reason, I require 48-hrs notice; otherwise, you forfeit your deposit. I accept cash, check and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover). Please make checks payable to:  LL PRODUCTIONS, LLC and mail to:  P.O. Box 12643, Jackson, WY 83002.

My stylists are freelancers; you'll pay them directly for their part of the session.  



I offer free, 30-min consultations in the studio or over the phone. During a consultation I’ll go over the details of the shoot and answer any questions you have about the session.  



By booking a session with Linton Productions, you understand and agree to the terms listed below. Also, make sure to check out our Terms of Use page which goes over the parameters of this website.  

1. In consideration of my engagement as a model, and for other good and valuable consideration herein acknowledged as received, I hereby grant the following rights and permissions to LINDSAY LINTON/LINTON PRODUCTIONS, her heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, those for whom LINDSAY LINTON/LINTON PRODUCTIONS is acting, and those acting with her authority and permission. 

2. LINDSAY LINTON/LINTON PRODUCTIONS has the irrevocable, perpetual and unrestricted right and permission to take, use, re-use, publish, and republish photographic portraits or pictures of me or in which I may be included, in whole or in part, or composite or distorted in character or form, without restriction as to changes or alterations, in conjunction with my own or a fictitious name, or reproductions thereof in color or otherwise, made through any medium at her studios or elsewhere, and in any and all media now or hereafter known, specifically including but not limited to print media and distribution over the internet for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever. 

3. I specifically consent to the digital compositing or distortion of the portraits or pictures, including without restriction any changes or alterations as to color, size, shape, perspective, context, foreground or background. I also consent to the use of any published matter in conjunction with such photographs. 

4. I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve the finished product or products and the advertising copy or other matter that may be used in connection with them or the use to which they may be applied.

5. I hereby release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless LINDSAY LINTON/LINTON PRODUCTIONS, her heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, and all persons acting under her permission or authority or those for whom she is acting, from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking of such photographs or in any subsequent processing of them, as well as any publication of them, including without limitation any claims for libel or violation of any right of publicity or privacy. 

6. I hereby warrant that I am of full age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the above authorization, release, and agreement, prior to its execution, and I am fully familiar with the contents of this document. This document shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives, and assigns.



The Jackson Hole studio is located at 960 Alpine Lane Unit 2, Jackson, WY 83001 (behind Lucky's Market & across from Powderhorn Park).

EMAIL:  info@lintonproductions.com

STUDIO:  (307)201.1385



I like my clients to be 100% informed, so thanks for taking the time to read all this pertinent information! If you still have questions, please contact the studio, and I’ll be happy to help you.